Fallout Shelter Game

Nuclear war has happened. And people are rushing to fallout shelters. The biggest manufacturer of fallout shelters, Vault-Tec, has entrusted you with a vault and you are the Vault-Tec overseer. The dwellers depend on you now for their well-being and their happiness. Will you be able to maintain a successful vault?

Fallout Shelter is a game that you can download for free and is available with android and ios. It is a base building and resource management game that you can customize it how you please. There are four basic resources of Fallout Shelter:




*Caps (Money).

The way to gain the resources that you need, except for caps, is through specific rooms. The rooms are specific to a resource and will provide that resource as long as it is staffed with dwellers. When it is staffed by dwellers, a countdown begins. When the countdown is completed, you tap on the room and collect the resource. It is important that you keep an eye on your resource gages, because if you run out of resources, bad things start happening.

*Run out of electricity - rooms begin shutting down

*Run out of food - dwellers lose health and morale

*Run out of water - dwellers lose morale and starts gaining radiation which lowers their health.

There are also "events" which occur. An event is a negative consequence and they happen at random. The events are:

*Raider attacks - raiders will break in and attack dwellers. Then they will start stealing your resources.

*Fire - a room will catch on fire and the dwellers that are in that room will start to combat the fire. The room will inoperable until the fire it put out but unaffected rooms will still be producing resources.

*Rad Roach attack - large roaches will burrow up from the a room's floor. If they are not defeated, the will start to spread to other rooms.

You can also send your dweller above ground to explore. But be careful, because they do run a risk of death above ground.

Fallout Shelter will test your ingenuity and problem solving skills.